Love From the Almighty

Today is Valentine’s Day.  That can mean a lot of things for a lot of different people.  It can be a celebration of the love of you and your significant other, it can just be a day where you and someone you’re infatuated with go on a date, or it can be totally renamed to something like “Single Awareness Day.”  Regardless, Valentine’s Day is rooted in love.  Love is a concept that we sometimes have a hard time identifying in a satisfactory way.  For some, it’s just a reaction to chemicals in our brains.  To others, it’s much more than that.  From the biblical perspective, love is necessary.  It’s necessary for many reasons.  For one, we live in an evil world.  Nobody would deny this.  Love is necessary for us to function properly in society.  Human beings were not designed to be alone.  We are designed to be with one another, whether that be in a romantic manner or just a simple friendship, this idea of love is everywhere.

But here’s the sad part:  Love is overcomable.

Our world is messed up.  It’s infected by sin.  It is in our DNA to fight off the love and affection that God has instilled in our world.  The divorce rate is higher than ever.  Love is easily broken.  People become distraught over love.  So what do we do about it?

Loving someone comes with a temptation.  You can easily place the basis of your love in that other person.  Is this bad?  Well, yeah!  If love is going to succeed, then we have to recognize two central things:

1.  God is love.

2.  We are created in God’s Image.

The real problem is that we root love in things that we shouldn’t.  Being created in the Image of God means that love should be in our nature.  But if we are going to have healthy relationships with the people in our lives, shouldn’t we place the basis of our love in its source?  God is love.  That’s so easy to say, yet so difficult to grasp.  Every relationship that we have ever been in, and will ever be in, should be rooted in the transcendent love of God.  This Valentine’s Day, we should remember the love that God has displayed for us to see.  We should find satisfaction and fulfillment in Him.  Love doesn’t come down to pure chemistry, but the way that God views us, the way that we should view God, and the way we ought to view others.

“What is man that You magnify him,

And that You are concerned about him,

That you examine him every morning

And try him every moment?”

Job 7: 17-18


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