Book Review: Reoriented

I don’t read much on the topic of homosexuality. One of my main reasons for this is because it is difficult, no, almost impossible to pick up a book on the topic without the author’s biases completely skewing the purpose of the discussion. That was not the case for Reoriented. I found this book very enlightening in so many different ways. The book is by Tyler Francke, a journalist and avid blogger who also runs the page God of Evolution. Not only did I find this book enlightening, but I found that Francke had a way of making it very personal.

The story takes place on a college campus where a gay student, D.J. Martinez, plans to start a school club called “New Day” to help further the discussion on homosexuality. I won’t go too much into the details of the story, as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone, but there are three “main” characters, if you will: D.J., Ally, and John. D.J. holds the view that homosexuality is not a sin. Ally, who supports D.J. and what he does for “New Day”, does not take a position on whether homosexuality is a sin or not. John takes a pretty hard conservative stance, claiming that homosexuality is definitely a sin and the Scriptures make this obvious.

Now, I’m not going to talk about my views on homosexuality for two reasons: 1. I’ve already written on it a couple of times, and 2. It doesn’t really have much to do with this discussion. Actually, I read the entire book and still don’t know what Francke’s position is on homosexuality, and frankly, I don’t really care either. The reason why is that I believe he wrote the book for an entirely different purpose than to persuade someone of one view of homosexuality over another. This being said, there are three big things that I got out of this book:

  1. Homosexuality might be a sin but that’s not the point.

The book is much more about a community of believers in Christ than anything else. This book brings together people who have many different views on homosexuality and they show love and support for one another regardless of what their personal views are. This is so very important, because if the church cannot show the love of Christ to one another, then we cannot even begin to have a rational discussion about topics like homosexuality. What’s more important: that we treat people with the love of Christ or condemn them because of their sexual orientation? Reoriented brings out the big picture in a brilliant way. New Day members are full of people who do not necessarily support homosexuality, but they are willing to be there because of their love for the homosexual community; something many Christians can’t seem to do for some reason.

  1. D.J. Martinez

D.J.’s character is one that anyone can get attached to. It showed me, personally, that even though he’s gay and I’m not, he is a normal human being just like me. I know this is intellectually easy to grasp, but when you read about someone living it out in a normal lifestyle, it gives you a whole new perspective on it.

  1. Grace

This was the most important part of this book. The recurring theme throughout is that no matter what you’ve been through and how much you have had to endure, Christ’s grace is still sufficient for all of us. If we are going to follow Christ and still persecute homosexuals, then either Jesus was a terrible evangelist or we just have to admit that he was full of love and we just don’t want to live like that. Either way, it’s bastardizing to God’s Word, and it’s evil. The message that we SHOULD be preaching is that of the grace of Jesus Christ; “the unearned, undeserved gift- it cost us nothing but cost Christ everything.”

Overall, this book was fantastic.  Highly recommended to all Christians and non-Christians alike.

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