My Dearest Marcela, Welcome Home

Marcela Baby

As many of you know, my family chose to adopt a couple years ago. There are many people who feel as if they are called to adopt, and this is seen as a beautiful thing by our society. Adoption IS a beautiful thing. It pulls children from a hopeless world into a hopeful reality. It helps better the human condition. As an anthropology student, one thing that I strive to do is help better the human condition. As a Christian, I am able to take this to a whole new level.

My sister’s name is Marcela.

As a Christian, I feel that I am called to not only help people better improve their lives for the sake of rights, pleasures, etc. My ultimate purpose would be lost if I were not furthering the Kingdom of God. This is my passion. It is my calling. If I were to be sitting around doing some sort of anthropological research without having the Kingdom of God as my basis for gaining understanding and applying it to the human condition, then I would feel that my calling is dubious. As a Christian, THIS is my calling. As a member of the Crawford family, our calling is to adopt. But not just adopt in order to give a little girl an earthly family, but a heavenly relationship with God as well.

My sister’s name is Marcela. She grew up in a nominally Catholic family, with little to no understanding of the Gospel message. Her future did not look so bright.

Adoption is what gives the Christian life meaning. It is what fuels Christian’s lives in order to persevere on and keep going. For Ephesians 1:5 claims that God predestined us to be ADOPTED into His kingdom. If it weren’t for the act of adoption, nobody would see the entirety of God’s glory. Adoption is an essential part of the Christian walk.

My sister’s name is Marcela. She is happy, talkative, and full of energy.

From the dawn of creation, man has cursed itself with the inevitable conclusion of destruction. For God created us in His image, and that image has never been so twisted and torn. The thousands of years of humans fighting, torturing, starving, crying, trying to fight on for one last breath as the universe that they were created in is now trying to kill them, seem like an endless chasm of pain and suffering with nothing in sight.

My sister’s name is Marcela. I now know that she has hope.

For within this gawd-awful, bastardized creation the Creator Himself, God Almighty, allowed Himself to be born into this world and live a life as one of us. He was beaten, tortured, ripped apart by the very people that He created in His very image just to help man see the light of day. He was hung on a tree as He took upon the weight of every single sin and dastardly deed that man had ever and will ever commit, JUST to give man hope that he would be adopted; just so I could receive a text from my dad on November 15, 2014 that Marcela had accepted Christ’s gift of eternal salvation. Now, Marcela is truly adopted. This is grace, and this is peace. More importantly, this is love. To be loved by God despite Him knowing every single flaw and detail about you is a gift that allows us to keep going, and fight through the trials and the hardships of this world.

My sister’s name is Marcela. Welcome home.  🙂


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