5 Arguments Christians Should Stop Using Against Atheists


As a Christian, I really do love to see people defend their faith in a sophisticated, orderly way. However, the sad truth is that many evangelicals do not know how to do this properly. Right now, I am going to explain 5 different arguments that Christians commonly use against atheists that should be obsolete. These arguments are not well thought out, empty, and often even insulting.

  1. Atheists are immoral people.

I will admit, I have met some pretty rude atheists. But I’ve probably met a lot more rude Christians. Saying that atheists are immoral is ignorant and insulting (*cough Ken Ham, Ray Comfort, cough*). It’s simply not true. I have atheists friends who are very good people and they do good deeds. Now, I do think that atheists have a hard time explaining how morality works from a naturalistic worldview, but this does NOT mean that they are immoral. They simply do good for different, but often times even the same, reasons that Christians do.

  1. Atheists are miserable people with no purpose in their life.


False. I know a lot of really happy, friendly atheists. The film “God’s Not Dead” absolutely failed by using this argument. Atheists find purpose in their lives, just not for the same reasons Christians do. We have a goal as Christians, to reach people for Christ, and using this argument is doing just the opposite of that. Our purpose transcends beyond this world, where as the atheist finds purpose within it. You may not agree with their idea of “purpose” but think twice before you just outright insult them by using this ridiculous claim.

  1. Atheists just think that we are here by some accident.


This argument is weird. I’ve never actually heard an atheist say this before. An “accident” would imply that there was some specific intent that went wrong. Since atheists do not believe in a Divine Creator, there is no “accident.” They just believe things are the way that they are because the ended up like that.

  1. Atheists believe we are a bunch of animalistic creatures that are caused by some unguided evolutionary process.


First of all, common descent is a well-established fact. Second of all, yes, we are all animals. Third of all, why does this matter? This argument is meant to imply that atheists think we act “animalistic” in the sense that other species act “animalistic.” Human beings are apart of the animal kingdom. So, what’s the point of this argument? I don’t know either.

  1. Atheists just hate God.


Really? I know a lot of atheists who would actually really like for there to be some sort of personal, loving God. Just because someone is an atheist, doesn’t mean they’ve had something bad happen to them that led them to that belief. If someone is mad at God, then they are mad at God. They do not cease to believe in Him because of that.


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