Does God Really Know What He’s Doing?


I find that the more I study atheistic philosophy, the more I am convinced that it is unable to answer some of the big questions in modern philosophy. However, I will admit that the one single greatest objection to God’s existence is the problem of evil. This post will relate to this philosophical problem, even though I gave my resolution to it in “Benevolence in a Damaged Existence.” I write this post for the Christian or non-Christian who struggles to reconcile evil with the Christian God. The title of this post is “Does God Really Know What He’s Doing?” because, while we grant ourselves the notion that a good God can exist even in light of evil on a logical basis, when it comes to actually experiencing that evil, we seem to stumble and fall, and even question God’s existence. When I ask the question of does God really know what He’s doing, I am not referring to God’s intelligence, I’m referring to His regulation of evil. As I described in my last post on evil, the reason God allows evil is because of free will. Take the element of free will out and we are basically creatures not worth creating or loving. So, in this light it makes sense for God to allow evil to consume the world. Now, the big question is “Why does God allow Christians to suffer?” If, as a Christian, one dedicates his or her life to Christ and attempts to live a life for him, then why would he allow them to still suffer? This is a tough question to answer. To the Christian I would say that you are still fighting through a sinful nature. So long as you are in this nature, you will experience pain. Has God understood this? Does He really know what He’s doing to us when He allows us to go through pain? You better believe it. Jesus lived an absolutely perfect life and subjected himself to our sinful nature. Not only that, but he took all of the weight of our sin and brought it upon himself. You may experience suffering, but you will never experience suffering the way Jesus did. I have mentioned before that we are desensitized to sin and unable to see the true detrimental effects of it. I stand hard on this reasoning because it really helps bring a solution to the problem of evil. In fact, I would argue that the problem of evil can, in a way, help us to experience God’s love in an even greater manner. If we could fully conceive of evil then we could see that, even if God chose to leave and have nothing to do with us, He would still be a good and loving God. We don’t deserve His grace in any way. The fact that He does do anything at all is evidence of an even greater love than anything we can comprehend. We often question God’s motives on issues of suffering, and that’s FINE. We often forget about Jesus’ words on the cross, “My God! My God! Why have you forsaken me?” The one and only Son of God questioned God! Why would we not be allowed to do the same thing? While this world should be consumed in nothing but evil, we were given a chance to live for eternity, and that is a much bigger gift than I could ever expect for a world as messed up as ours.



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