5 Things That I Think Christians Should Stop Saying

These are five things that I feel Christians should stop saying.  They are all common things that I hear in the evangelical community often, and there are not only things spiritually wrong with them, but logical things wrong with them as well.

 1.  You want evidence for the existence of God?  Read the Bible.  Jesus died for you.


I’m sorry, but this is in no way, shape or form evidence for the existence of God.  I have heard this too much lately, and I am convinced that this kind of reasoning is why our modern day Christian culture is so intellectually weak.  You have to show external consistencies with the Bible in order to show its validity.  Next time someone asks you why they should believe in the Bible, do not refer Scripture to them.  This will do nothing for them, because they don’t believe in the Bible in the first place.  This kind of logic is equivalent to saying “You don’t believe in magic?  Watch Harry Potter.”  It just makes no sense.

 2.  People didn’t write the Bible, God did.


No He did not.  I know for a fact the God did not write the Bible.  Fallible human beings wrote the Bible, and these people seemed to understand that they were fallible as well.  There are cultural and perspective inconsistencies in Scripture, but this does not mean that the Bible isn’t inerrant.  MAN wrote the Bible INSPIRED by God.  God did not write the Bible and then drop in out of heaven (I do know of people who believe this).

 3.  You do not need to understand Christianity, you just need to have faith.


I have yet to have someone explain to me exactly how this works.  Yes, you do need faith, but reason compliments faith.  If you cannot convince somebody that Christianity is reasonable, then how will you ever convince them to put their faith in it?  As Ravi Zacharias says “What you believe in your heart must make sense in your mind.”

 4.  God will never give you more than you can handle.


I don’t know where this came from, but it’s false.  I think many people forget that Jesus came down in the form of a MAN, and was beaten, spit on, and hung on a cross to suffer the worst pain imaginable.  He even sweat blood.  He clearly had more than any human can bear.  Oh yes, God will definitely give you more than you can handle, but this does NOT mean that He won’t give you peace about it.

 5.  The Bible is the only source of truth.


No it is not.  There are many other ways to gain truth other than the Bible.  Yes the Bible does communicate a lot of truth, but God created everything else, so it shares just as much truth about who He is.  You can’t even figure out the validity of the Bible without looking at other sources of truth, such as history.  Truth takes form in many different ways. 


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