Deceptive Appearances



Recently I’ve been doing some studying on what exactly God’s creation says about His character.  When talking about issues such as the age of the earth, we have to take something into consideration.  Did God create the earth with the appearance of age?  If He did, what does this say about Him?

I personally am unsettled with the appearance of age theory for many reasons.  I feel as if it makes God out to be a deceiver.  It prevents scientists and historians from doing their work in the field.  I grew up believing that this theory was valid, but a trip to Utah a couple years ago, seeing all of the arches and the canyons that were apart of God’s creation, caused me to rethink this view.  Thinking that all of this was created as some part of deceptive masterpiece just doesn’t seem right anymore.


And it isn’t.


One example of God doing this “appearance of age” miracle is in John 2, when Jesus turns water into wine, but he creates the wine with age.  This was done for a specific purpose, and that was to create the best kind of wine for the people.  However, what does it say about God when He creates the universe with the appearance of age?  Essentially, if the universe appears as having an age of around 14 billion years old, yet you claim that it is only 6,000 years old, you are basically saying that the mass majority of history is completely made up.  This makes God out to be a cosmological trickster, and even more than that, a deceiver.  But why is this different than the wine?


Jesus clearly had a purpose in doing what He did with the wine.  However, why would he need to create a world that was 6,000 years old with the appearance of several billion years of history?  Here’s how I like to view the situation.  We find out the validity of the Bible, God’s Holy Book, through historical findings.  Now, we have to start with the presupposition that history is not made up or flawed by a celestial charlatan, otherwise we have no reason to assume that anything we find about the accuracy of the Bible is true.  So, once we discover the accuracy of the Bible, should we believe that all the history before that was fake?  If that’s true, then we have good reason to believe, at least on moral grounds, that God created the world at any point in time with the appearance of age, even with biblical history in it.  Therefore, the Bible wouldn’t be an accurate book.  This would be just one of few huge problems with the appearance of age argument.  


Another big thing is the distant starlight problem.  If you believe that God created the light in transit, then you are saying that every star that you see in space past the 6,000 light year mark is a complete illusion.  If you see a star explode that is three million light years away, everything you saw before that explosion isn’t even real.


So, the appearance of age theory presents many problems not just on scientific grounds, but also on theological grounds.




“Speak to the earth and it shall teach thee…”

Job 12:8


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