Apologist Review: William Lane Craig



William Lane Craig is one of the more well known Christian apologists today, mainly for his ongoing fight against the New Atheism.  Craig has debated many atheists and people of secular viewpoints over the years, but in the last decade has focused his attention on the advocates of the New Atheism.  He has engaged in debates with Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and many others.  Though he has challenged Richard Dawkins to a debate on multiple occasions, Dawkins refuses.  Craig has set the stage for very rational discussions on religion and defending the faith.


He usually starts off with the Kalam Cosmological Argument.  This is an argument that I have yet to see challenged properly by any atheistic scientist.  It’s an excellent starting point to strictly defend theism (which is what Craig is trying to do).  It is one of the central deductive arguments for theism, and Craig articulates it properly.


He then normally goes on to talk about teleology and the evident design in the universe.  He talks much about the multiverse theory and its relationship to teleology, as well as the probabilities of such an event occurring.


These are two of Craig’s main arguments for the existence of God.  However, he is attacked by both secular and Christian groups.  Many people have accused Craig of using Ad Hominem fallacies.  However, he has never directly insulted an opponent or their arguments without giving proper reasoning.  Yes, he has been impolite (and he has admitted it), but that says nothing about the quality of his arguments.  Also, he has been attacked by Ken Ham at Answers in Genesis on his view of the age of the earth.  This is not very concerning, because Ham isn’t given much credit at all by any group of people, even many young earth creationists.  It isn’t surprising that Craig has been lashed out at, but his arguments are solid and his abrasive personality is appropriate in light of the rude and angry persona of the New Atheist group.  Overall he is a great apologist with excellent arguments and a great way of presenting himself.


5 thoughts on “Apologist Review: William Lane Craig

  1. But should my arguments seem weak and unconvincing to you, that’s my fault, not God’s. It only shows that I’m a poor apologist, not that the gospel is untrue. – William Lane Craig

    Translation: I can’t lose, no matter how badly I may be beaten.

    I’m going to give you my favorite argument against Kalam.

      • I don’t think you have much room to talk about changing their minds if you’re looking to dawkins, Harris, dennet, and Hitchens for your sources. They are drastically more close minded then even a guy like craig

      • Nobody is ever willing to change their mind. It’s the unable-to-fathom-failure mindset that is the problem. I don’t know any atheist who can say certainly that there is no god, just that they don’t see any evidence of one. Craig, on the other hand, explicitly states that his faith cannot be falsified.

        So why bother even talking to him?

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