The Treatment of Homosexuals In Our Society

I recently watched a short 20 minute film that really stuck out to me.  This film was about a heterosexual girl who grew up in a world where homosexuality was considered normal.  This was interesting because everything was backwards.  This girl was often picked on growing up and, and when she got into junior high, many kids at school started to beat her up and call her names such as “hetero.”  The terms “faggot” and “queer” were used in association with heterosexuality.  One guy wrote “God Hates Heteros” on his garage door.  At one point in the movie, this girl sat down for dinner with her moms and they were talking about how disgusted they were with this heterosexual family that lived down the road.  She didn’t want her kids exposed to that “perverted” lifestyle.  At the end of this film, this girl was caught kissing her boyfriend, and some girls beat her up and wrote “Hetero” on her forehead.  She then went home and committed suicide.


I posted the description of this video because it kind of gave me a perspective on the issue, as even though heterosexuality is considered a sin in this society, the way that this girl was treated is completely wrong, regardless of the fact that what she was doing was considered wrong.  Now, why do I talk about this?  First off, I stated in one of my previous posts my views on homosexuality.  Here are some things I believe.  Homosexuality is a sin, and it is considered a perverted lifestyle in the eyes of God.  People do NOT choose to be gay, but rather it is based off of other things such as environmental factors and predisposed traits.  Sexual orientation is ultimately a status of identity.


Now, how should we regard homosexuals in our society?  Often times I feel as if people who struggle with issues such as alcoholism, pornography, drugs, greed, pride, etc. are loved by the general public, though their lifestyle is condemned.  So, the question arises of why people often consider homosexuals as second class citizens.  By any logic of the information above, should we not condemn their lifestyle but love and accept them as normal people?  To this I say YES!!  The way that homosexuals are treated by certain people groups in our society is ridiculous, wrong, and SINFUL.  The fact of the matter is that homosexuals are afraid to go to church because of they way they are treated.  Why should a gay couple not be allowed to go to church and feel safe?  To me, this is completely absurd, as Jesus came down to save ALL people, not just heterosexuals.


Another issue I see is the status of heterosexuals who seem to display “traits” of a homosexual person.  Often times I see guys who are effeminate, or girls who are masculine, and they are bullied just as if they were gay.  This just shows how  outrageous the situation actually is, as people who are not even gay are bullied for being gay!  Why do people often sit around and just assume that someone is gay based off of a certain characteristics they may have?  What could that information possibly do for you, other than spit vile about that person?  God may have not intended for homosexuality to be apart of someone’s lifestyle, but he certainly did not intend for us to treat homosexuals or people who are considered “different” the way that people typically do.


So, what can we do about this situation?  Love homosexuals.  Accept them as people, and treat them as people who are on the same level as you, not a level below.  It is important for them to recognize the way that God views their lifestyle, but bullying them to the point of suicide in the absolute worst way to handle the situation, and that is going against the very way that God intended us to handle it.  I really hope that many of you will reconsider your choice of thoughts or words next time you meet someone who you think might be gay.  Those thoughts and words lead to a society that is hateful and ungodly toward homosexuals.


5 thoughts on “The Treatment of Homosexuals In Our Society

    • Good question, and actually something I try to avoid because I’m often criticized for my position on it. For now, I am unsure on what I think the legality of it should be. I think Christian values should be implemented into society, but I also think that we should be shooting for the greater good of all people. Until I do further research, I’m not going to take a position on it.

      • A more honest answer than you would hear from most Christians. Personally, I’m for the legalization of homosexuality. I don’t think religion has any place within government, and any of the “Christian values” (which can be found outside of religion) can be implemented with your vote. While Christians may disagree with it, that doesn’t mean there should be a law against it. If we offer this right to Christianity, the same should be given towards other faiths. Our government was created secular, and needs to stay secular to best represent the whole of its multicultural people. Any disagreements should be met with science and reason, which I see a lot of younger Christians doing, instead of pointing to their Bible verses. I fear that if most Christians had their way, we’d have a version of government similar to what we see in other countries ruled by a religious majority. Their people are oppressed.

      • I agree. History has shown that countries run by religion can be detrimental to the rights of the people, but I feel that completely getting rid of religious values is not the best choice as well. Then again, I don’t agree that there are “secular” morals per say. So, I feel a line has to be drawn between the two somewhere. I’m just trying to decide where.

    • As a Christian I think homosexuals should be given all the rights, benefits, and treatment heterosexual have. We, Christians, need to know that we are in a world that does not share the same values as our own.

      The world is not ours to keep, but a place we dwell to shine light where there is darkness, to heal where there are wounds, to forgive, to love, to fight for justice, and to love our neighbors, mostly those we view as sexually oriented different from us, as ourselves.

      Christian sexual ethics, which confines sexual act within blessed marriage of a man and his wife only, is foreign to outsider and sadly insiders. Sex outside marriage, sex before marriage and any other sex act outside a man and his wife, homosexuality, bisexuality, etc, is contrary to Christian ethics. Though I would love the society to value sex and confine it only to married man and his wife, I do not think the whole society should be forced to abide in Christian ethics.

      I also have read more to answer should homosexual union be call marriage. But I think whatever it is, Christians ought not to force our values to those who do not share the same faith, hope and God. Let what belong to God belong to God, what belong to Caesar(State) belong to Caesar.

      Thank you for a brilliant article.

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