Christian Films and Rational Arguments

Recently I saw a trailer for this new movie coming out entitled God’s Not Dead.  My first thought when viewing this preview is that the acting was terrible and it is not going to attract a very large crowd.  I do like the fact that the film industry is creating movies that are centered around rational Christian philosophy.  However, I am not too sure about this film.


This is about the typical atheist professor who gets a Christian student who shows him up and then all is happy in the end.  These movies are good, but do they get the full point across?  There are rational Christian arguments, and there are bad Christian arguments.  There are irrational atheist arguments, but there are also more sophisticated ones.  What I really hope to see from this film is a story where both sides are represented fairly, not one dogmatic view that turns people away from Christianity.


Something we often see in these kinds of films is there is a secular person who is living an absolutely miserable life.  Once they come to Christ, everything starts working out in their favor and they are happy all the time and have no more troubles or hardships.  This is at best a poor description of what the Christian life is like.  In fact, in some ways Christians suffer a lot more than non-Christians.  What the film industry needs to do is make movies that focus more on what the Bible says, not the stereotypical view that most people have of Christianity.  Why might this be important?  Because if people see a film like this and accept Christ, they might be really disappointed!  God did not put us hear to live a harmonious, comfortable life with no suffering once we accepted Him.  He put us hear to live a harmonious life in Him WHILE we endure the sufferings of this world.


Another problem with the Christian film industry is the lack of intellectual stability within the films.  God’s Not Dead may be an attempt to compensate for this instability, but we have to approach nonbelievers with a good argument against their beliefs in a respectful way.  That is my biggest fear with this film.  Are there going to be good arguments presented and is the student going to present them respectfully?  We will just have to wait and find out.


My main point in writing this post is to show that Christianity needs to be grounded in good, solid apologetics.  Atheism has gotten a lot louder in the past couple decades and Christians felt like they were almost done for.  Recently, however, I have noticed a comeback on the Christian part.  Theologians and scientists such as William Lane Craig, Alister McGrath, John Lennox, Francis Collins, Al Mohler, and many more are starting to establish good, solid reasons to believe in Christianity, and I don’t want this film to be a step backwards.


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