The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints




This next post is about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  This Mormon movement was founded by Joseph Smith in the 1820s and since then it has risen to be a major religious sect.  What separates this group from traditional Orthodox Christianity?  What are the problems with this belief?  Should Mormons be considered Christians?  Can Mormons attain eternal salvation?  I will attempt to answer these questions in this post.


There is one key difference between Mormonism and traditional Orthodox Christianity.  Mormons add another testament.  The Book of Mormon is an entirely new testament that many have tried to apply to the rest of the Bible.  Now, why is this important?  MANY reasons.  First, Mormons declare that there are many gods out there, separating themselves from traditional monotheistic Christians.  Second, according to Mormons, Jesus and Lucifer are brothers.  Third, there are three stages of heaven, and if you achieve the top one you can become a god yourself.  Fourth, almost everybody gets to go to heaven and faith is completely unnecessary for eternal salvation.  Fifth, the god of our planet was once a man himself.  These are just a few of many reasons why Christianity and Mormonism are drastically different.


So why is this a problem?  Jesus came into the world to save, but we have to accept this eternal gift of salvation.  This is the core part of the Christian religion, and Mormons just kick it right out and completely ignore it.  Also, Mormons do not believe in the one true and living God, and this is a BIG deal when it comes to authority with the rest of Scripture.  The idea that you can become a god completely undermines and destroys what the Bible says about God and His sovereignty.  Overall, Christians have a much higher view of God than Mormons do.


What are some of the problems with Mormonism?  The Book of Mormon has been changed over 4000 times since Joseph Smith wrote it.  This is in complete opposition to the rest of the Bible, which has not been changed once.  This just proves that the Book of Mormon is not at all reliable.  Secondly, the Book of Mormon teaches that Jesus was born in Jerusalem, where as the New Testament claims He was born in Bethlehem.  This is a big problem considering these are two completely different countries.  Thirdly, according to Joseph Smith, the angel Moroni came to him in a vision and this is where he got the text.  This is a big problem because, according to Galatians 1:8, even if an angel brings a new text, a we are not to take it seriously.  This is probably the biggest problem, because it strikes right at the heart of Mormonism.


So, should we consider Mormons as Christians, and can they attain eternal salvation?  If they withhold the beliefs above, the answer is no.  The central doctrines of Christianity are completely changed in the Mormon belief system.  They do not believe in the same god or the same method of salvation.


2 thoughts on “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

  1. You really do need to check your facts…both about Christianity and LDS. You say the three levels of heaven idea is a problem, but Paul claims to know someone who was caught up to the third heaven (2 Cor 12:2). While there may be something else going on there, you have to admit this complicates the simple, traditional view of heaven.
    Also, you say the belief in other gods is a problem. But most, if not all OT characters believed there were other gods – they just didn’t worship them.
    As far as the Book of Mormon changing, what do you mean by changes? If you think the Bible hasn’t changed in similar ways, look through Metzger’s commentary and see just a fraction of the thousands and thousands of variants just in the NT, many of which were attempts to change the manuscript and “clean it up” in some way.
    And Galatians 1:8 doesn’t say that there should be no new text, but no new Gospel. Galatians was likely the first book written in the NT, so should we ignore the rest of the NT based on this witness? After all, they were new texts to the believers. If you want to use this verse, use it to attack them preaching a new gospel, not a new text.
    I agree that LDS is a heretical sect, but the information here is poor at best. I’ve read the rest of your blog posts, and I’d be willing to bet that in about 5 years, you’ll look back on this whole blog and be a bit embarrassed. Which is fine. It happens to everyone when they begin theological training. But be careful of how you’re representing the church.

    • Thank you for responding in a respectful manner. Many of the facts I got were actually from Mormon scholars, not just a preacher in a Baptist church. On your note of the 3 levels of heaven, I think that you took the verse out of context. It is talking about a level in the existing heaven, not a separate heaven. Also, I think the verse in Galatians is referencing the New Testament as a whole because that is the criteria that met the prophecies, and the Book of Mormon does not. Also, you’re right, I might look back and regret some things I have written, but my ideas have changed and they’re continuing to. I blog to simply have discussion, not bash other views.

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