Teleology and the Multiverse Theory




The teleological argument is, for some people, one of the most powerful arguments for the existence of God.  It is often called the argument from design, and it attempts to show the existence of God using empirical evidence.  There are many forms of the teleological argument, some have been demolished and some are still standing strong.  The one I want to talk about, which is probably the biggest one, is the fine tuning of the universe.  Is our universe finely tuned for life?  Is there evidence in our universe to support it?  Is there a better explanation other than God?


Martin Rees, an astronomer from England, published a book titled Just Six Numbers, where he talks about six very precise numbers where, if one of them is “untuned” life within our universe would cease to exist.  Now, it is impossible for these numbers to align up perfectly to where life does exist, so the most logical conclusion for some would be that there has to be a designer.  However, we run into a problem, because there is another option.  The multiverse theory.  Are there multiple universes?  And if there are, can this demolish this form of the teleological argument?


The theory goes something like this.  There are an infinite number of universes out there with an infinite number of possibilities, therefore drastically increasing the probability that life can exist in our universe without a designer.  However, there are a ton of problems with this theory.


First of all, the multiverse theory is proposed by physicists as a scientific theory, and there is nothing scientific about it.  Things that are tested scientifically have to reside in our universe, and the multiverse theory by definition takes place outside of our universe.  Another problem is there is absolutely no evidence for it at all.  Literally none.  The final problem with it is none of the scientific properties in our universe would work in other universes, since other possibilities outside of the possibilities in our universe have to exist.  Also, the multiverse theorists have punched a hole in their own argument because if every possibility exists, then God HAS to exist.  Overall, the multiverse theory is just a very poorly designed philosophy.  A designer is much more probable, because otherwise you are just assuming there are a fist full of maybes.


If the multiverse theory did exist, does this diminish my belief in God?  No.  There are plenty more evidences for God’s existence, such as how these multiple universes came into existence in the first place.  Overall, we are still left with a very probable explanation for the Creator God.




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