A Christian Stance on Homosexuality

This may be the most controversial subject I talk about.  Is homosexuality wrong?  If it is, what constitutes it as “wrong”?  What does the Bible say about homosexuality?  Are people born gay, or is it based upon choice or environment?  And the most important question.  How should Christians handle this issue?  I am not going to be as blunt with this issue, because it is a very sensitive topic (probably the most sensitive one I’ve talked about so far) and it can have a major effect on peoples’ lives.  I may have people living in a homosexual lifestyle, or people who may be very passionate about supporting homosexual rights reading this post.  To these people I want to say that I am in no way, shape or form trying to degrade or ridicule you.  This is my approach and the Bible’s approach to the issue.


I am not going to pull out every single piece of Scripture that talks about this issue, however I am going to talk about one central passage.  Romans 1:26-27 says “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.  In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”  Fred Phelps, pastor of Westboro Baptist Church, claims that this particular verse holds homosexuality to a much higher form of sin than any other.  I am not going to spend time talking about Phelps and his hateful ministry.  I am going to say that he has a very naive and childish approach to the Bible and I believe he is the perfect example of why people hate the Christian approach to this issue.  He is NOT a good example of how we as a Christian community should handle homosexuals.  This verse simply states that homosexuality is a sin.  But what does this mean about the definition of marriage in our culture?


Should we ignore this issue, keep religion out of it, and just allow homosexuals to marry as they will?  I have to admit, it is a compelling argument to do just that.  However, here’s how I think government should be run.  God is actively involved in our human form of government.  The Bible makes it perfectly clear that government systems that turn their back on God will ultimately fail.  By this logic, it makes no sense to just rule homosexual marriage as a different standard than other sin that our government tries to prevent.  If you are reading this post and do not believe in Christianity and you really may not care about religion at all, then you are going to take a completely different view on this issue than I am.  However, my goal is to strictly discuss this on a Christian issue.  Homosexuality is a sin, and if we are to base our government in a manner that is pleasing to God, we cannot include gay marriage in this.


What constitutes homosexuality as wrong?  First off, the Bible.  Some of you may not agree or even care, but I want to look a little further into the implications.  Homosexual men have hundreds of sexual partners in their lifetime.  Most studies show that they have four times as many partner as heterosexual men.  What does this say?  It says that homosexuality is an unfulfilling, empty lifestyle.  Very few homosexual relationships last more than 2 years.  Only 2.7 percent of men have had sex with one other partner.  24 percent of gay men have over 100 partners, 43 percent have over 500 partners, and 28 percent have had over 1000 partners.  This screams out something to me, that homosexuality cannot be a lifestyle that was designed by God, but one that is a misdirection of the natural sexuality that God has instilled in us.  But is anybody really at fault.


This last part deals with whether one can be born gay, and if not, what causes it.  First of all, scientists have been completely unable to find a gay gene.  In 1996, the National Cancer Institute released a study in search of a link between a section of the X chromosome and homosexual attraction.  The leader of this project, Dean Hamer, says “There is not a signal master gene that makes people gay… I don’t think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay.”  I could go on with examples, but for the sake of the length of this blog, I won’t.  Now, what causes homosexuality?  I disagree that it is a choice.  I do not know a single person who would ever claim they chose to have certain sexual attractions.  Sure, some people could make choices throughout their life that could lead up to developing homosexual attractions, but it is not just a single choice that someone can make.  One study shows that over 99 percent of gay men have a weak relationship with their dads.  This makes me feel inclined to believe that there is some connection between father figures and sexual orientation, but is this really something I want to put full faith in?  


Here’s what I have come to conclude.  Homosexuality is the effect of many different factors of sin that enter into a person’s life.  So, does this mean that I think that someone can be born gay?  Yes, I THINK someone can.  Now, do not misread what I am saying.  We can map out the entire human genome and we have not found one single gene that can produce homosexual desires in it of itself, however, there are certain predisposed traits that people can have that can lead them into this lifestyle.  These traits, combined with a special attack of sin on a person when they are born, can lead them into being born gay, partly in a physical and partly in a spiritual sense.  So, if someone is born gay, should they have the right to enter into this lifestyle, even though they didn’t choose it?  To this I respond, no.  I may not have all the answers to the causes or the effects of homosexuality, and honestly, I may never know the answer to these issues.  But I do believe in the Bible, the Word of God, and He can do ALL things.  He can even heal someone who is born with a sinful desire, such as homosexuality, and I do believe that he DOES do this!


Many people will assume that I am hateful, or even a bigot for writing this blog, however I want to tell you my honest feelings on this issue.  I do not hate homosexuals, at all.  They are people, just like any others, and they deserve to be treated like that.  I’m writing this blog to allow people to know that I do not think homosexuality is the best lifestyle for anyone, and I genuinely want people to have the best lifestyle that is out there for them.  God has pulled hundreds of people out of this sinful lifestyle, and many other sinful lifestyles for that matter.  And I believe if you rely on your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, any issue in your life can be overcome, and with that, I hope that all of you can be at peace.


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

-Jeremiah 29:11


9 thoughts on “A Christian Stance on Homosexuality

  1. I have a few questions out of curiosity. I assure you that I’m not trying to be offensive or angry of anything of the sort and if I come off that way I am truly sorry. Where did you get your figures on the amount of partners that a homosexual man generally has in his lifetime and how does that differ from the amount that heterosexual people generally have? How is homosexuality and homosexual behavior wrong? I know that you spoke about what the Bible says on this issue, and how many partners homosexual men have, etc, but how can it be defined as wrong and what do you mean by that?
    I also noticed that you referred to people who are gay or have a homosexual lifestyle, but you never specifically spoke about bisexuals or lesbians. Could you possibly address that?
    Last question, how would you address the issue of marriage with the separation of Church and State in mind?
    I am not asking this for the purpose of attempting to disprove what you say; I am merely interested in the Christian viewpoint on this issue. It is very difficult to find an individual who expresses a negative view of homosexuality based on the Christian faith that does not come off as extremely bigoted and hateful, and I commend you for not doing that to the best of your ability as someone who has presumably not experienced the expression of this specific stigma against them.

    • Okay, I will try my best to reply to everybody in the conversation. Also, I thank you all for creating an easy environment for discussion. I’ll go in order of who commented when.

      Liana- Most of the statistics I got were from two different studies. One in an article called “Western Sexuality” and the other from an article published in “Journal of Sex Research.” Again, I do not want to put a whole lot of emphasis on statistics, because many forms of statistics are biased and many are unreliable. I’m sure there are many statistics to show otherwise, but, like I said in in my post, I do not want to put a whole lot of faith into it. If my statistics are true, though, I think it shows something very interesting about the dynamics of homosexual relationships.

      Now, why is homosexuality wrong apart from the Bible?
      I am a philosophy major, and one of my favorite areas to work in is morality. Now, I am not sure what your views are on God and things of the Christian nature, however I have complete and full respect for them. Coming from a Christian perspective, however, I believe that all morals are objective to a degree. I have a very hard time believing that morality is just a social construct based off of the studies I’ve done on the nature of human beings. So, with that in mind, apart from the Bible and God’s active hand, I find it very difficult to establish any morality and say that anything at all is “right” or “wrong.” I feel as if many people (and I’m not sure what your views on this are either) in our culture have this mindset of “if it’s not hurting anyone else it’s okay.” And from a Christian view I think that line of thinking is false. If homosexuality is a sin in the eyes of God, then it does affect a person spiritually, even thought there may be no physical or obvious consequences.

      I did not address lesbians and bisexuals, but from what I have read in the Bible, they are held to the same standard. I could have pulled statistics from the internet as well, but then the blog post would be too long.

      As of issues about separation of church and state, I believe we should establish values based on the morals of the Christian religion. Now, this may sound like I’m being close-minded, but like I said before, I think that morals come from God, and they are not a social construct. So, this being said, I do think homosexual marriage is held to this standard. Now, I do not think we should force people to believe in Christianity. I think that there is a difference between that and what I said earlier.

      Thank you for responding in an appropriate manner. I know this is not an easy subject to tackle with some people, but I hope my response was somewhat understandable.

      Thanks for commenting, and feel free to do so anytime!

      • Thank you for replying in a respectful manner. I will look up those two studies.
        The reason that I ask this is because I am pansexual. In terms of marrige, I think it is more important for individuals to receive the legal rights of marriage rather than simply the ceremonial aspects. I’ve heard many a story of unfortunate events brought about by this difference between civil unions and marriages.
        Addressing the whole wrongness theme, I actually recently came out, and it’s a lot easier to be an individual both in the physical and mental sense after that rather than pretending to be straight, which brought me to near depression and many other unfortunate events.
        Thank you again for responding respectfully,

  2. Great blog, Garrett. I agree completely. I think as humans we are all going to have some sin that we struggle with consistently. It is different for everyone and there are a lot more people struggling with inward sins, sins that they choose not to share with the world like greed, pride, selfishness, affairs of the heart, mind and body, the list goes on and on, then those who’s struggle is very more outward like alcoholism, drug addiction, food addiction, homosexuality. No matter if your sin is hidden or “outed” for the world to see, to God a sin is a sin and we are called by God himself to humble ourselves daily and take up our cross and follow him. If it were easy, if the sin was something we could just simply discard there would be no point in daily taking up our cross. We are called to love. Love the sinner not the sin, for God is love.

  3. How do you justify this opinion in light of the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment to the constitution? Or do you believe that the equal protection clause should be overturned?

  4. Hey man, sorry I have been so quiet on your posts recently. But I feel like this one deserves a response.
    Unfortunately, this blog post went exactly as I thought it would go. I wont be able to fully dissect this because I have to go to work soon, but I would like to bring up a couple of points.
    1/ you say that most homosexuals have hundreds of sexual partners. Well, just in case you have never watched prime time television and listened to the latest rap/pop songs, so do we heterosexuals. If both gay and straight people sleep with tons of people outside of wedlock, how can their sexual orientation matter? Maybe the problem isn’t orientation, but promiscuity in general. Thats what I feel the verse in romans is talking about.
    2/you say you want a christian based government. If this is true, I am hoping you are anti-capital punishment and pro-free health care. Out of all the thousands of bible verses based on helping people, why do you, as a fellow christian, feel like the 6 bible verses contributing to homosexuality is the main point of it all?
    I hope to hear back from you soon. But until then, seriously think about what I have brought up.

    • Ryan
      1. I do not believe prime time television is a very good source, however, like I told Liana above, I mentioned in my post that I do not put a whole lot of emphasis on statistics anyway. It’s very hard to find a non-biased source. I posted my statistics because, if they are true, I can definitely see where the problem lies. Also, I can’t say that the Romans verse refers to promiscuity, because the word “unnatural” is used 3 times in the verse, so I think Paul’s point was pretty clear.
      2. I’m not quite sure why you assumed that I think homosexuality is the main point of it all. This post does deal strictly with that issue, but I also cover many different issues as well. As for my views on capital punishment, I am not sure where I stand on it because I have found some Biblical passages supporting it, but I haven’t studied it enough to say for sure. In terms of whether somebody should have free healthcare, depends on what that person has done in their lifetime to get this healthcare. If they have not done anything and if they have blown every opportunity to get this healthcare due to laziness, I find no reason to take money from others to supply them, when these other people DO deserve it. However, there are people who genuinely need help and have done everything they can, and for these people I see no reason why we shouldn’t have a healthcare system for them. If EVERYBODY gets free healthcare, we are on the path to a socialistic society, and I believe that this kind of society promotes covetousness. So, in terms of promoting a Christian government, I think everything is equally important, but this issue is specifically about not homosexuality.

      Again, feel free to comment anytime, I enjoy your feedback.

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