Benevolence in a Damaged World: Part 2

In my last post, I established the definition of evil, why evil is in the world, and I gave a proper explanation of God’s omnipotence.  So, God did not bring evil into the world, we did that ourselves.  God cannot create beings with free will who can’t choose to bring evil into the world.


So, does God know about evil?  It is possible to perceive a god who does not know about evil.  Maybe a deist god would be a good example of this.  Some people could say that god created the world, left, and has absolutely nothing to do with it, which means that he may not have knowledge of what goes on in it.  However, I adhere to Christian theism, and by this worldview I have to believe that God is actively involved in my life as well as everyone else’s.  In fact, Jesus knows evil so well that He experienced all of it by taking it upon Himself when He came down to die on the cross.  He knows the effects of evil better than any of us.  So, I find it completely logical to say that God absolutely does know about evil, and He has the desire to stop it.


Or does He?  Does God really care to help us out?  The final quality of God would be His moral goodness.  If God knows about evil and has the power to stop it, then why doesn’t He?  This may be the hardest question for me to answer.


In my post last week, I talked about the current dilemma with Pope Francis, and in this post, I talked about just how evil sin is.  It doesn’t matter what kind of sin you commit, whether it be lying or murder, none of us can see the true effects of sin from a proper viewpoint because we are so desensitized by it.  Even if you have never committed one of the “major sins,” like rape or murder, you still cannot see the full effects of it in God’s eyes because sin in general has desensitized the entire way we view good and evil.  Sin is so incredibly bad that God has the full and complete right to just leave us here in this miserable state, and still be called a good God.  He gave us the opportunity to live in harmony in His beautiful creation, but we screwed that up.  We turned our back on Him, and He could have just as easily turned His back on us, and I would say that He is still worth being praised as a Holy and sovereign God.  Stop asking “why doesn’t God stop this?”  Or “Why is God doing this to me?”  Consider for a moment what you have done to God.


So, why doesn’t God stop the evil in the world?  Look at your own life.  Look at the lives of the people around you.  What are you doing wrong?  God doesn’t inject the world with poison that is used to punish and make our lives miserable because of our sin, but “we reap what we sow.”  God wants us to have the ability to do the right thing, or the wrong thing.  Should we choose to do the wrong thing, we will suffer the consequences.  Not because God brings them upon us, but because we bring them upon ourselves.  And God doesn’t stop it because He doesn’t want a bunch of mindless robots serving His Kingdom, but He wants people who have the choice to do His will.  For that opportunity, I am overly thankful.  I could not be more grateful for the chance that Jesus Christ gave me when He died on he cross, because He did not have to do that.


Some of you may not have liked my response to the problem of evil.  However, I have what is probably a more challenging situation for you.  How do you explain the problem of good?  Though we may have all of this evil and suffering in our fallen world, there is good that surrounds it, and that is a big problem for people who do not believe in God, or those who think He is evil.


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